Things to Do in Auckland, New Zealand

If you are looking for a vacation destination that has it all, Auckland, New Zealand is the place for you. This dynamic area is teeming with natural landmarks and all kinds of man-made beauty. The region has almost 50 volcanic cones and is surrounded on most sides by lush, rain-forested hills. And since we know you have a love for the ocean, you can head 40 minutes outside downtown and find yourself surrounded by stunning black-sand beaches and great surfing.

Auckland features a variety of activities and attractions to entice even the most experienced travelers. Since it has easy access to the water, Auckland is a wonderful destination for your yacht.

Some of the things you can see and do while visiting Auckland, New Zealand, include:

  • Exploring the parks and reserves. You can walk, mountain bike, fish and swim in areas such as Duder Regional Park, Waitakere Ranges Regional Park and the Auckland Domain. If you’re more interested in the water, you can spend a day or two swimming, snorkeling and diving at the Goat Island Marine Reserve.
  • Rangitoto Island. This sleeping volcano is located in the middle of the Hauraki Gulf, an easily accessible destination from your yacht in the Auckland harbor. You can walk, jog or ride to the top of the summit and enjoy some truly incredible views.
  • Escape to a beautiful island. When you visit Auckland you have access to a variety of islands that feature wine tasting, art trails, natural hot springs and much more. Many of these islands are only a 35-minute ferry ride from downtown.
  • Experience Sky Tower. This is the largest building in the Southern Hemisphere, and you can bungee jump from it. However, if extreme adventures aren’t your thing, you can walk around the outside of the tower, or admire its impressive views from the observation deck and accompanying restaurants.
  • Check out the wildlifeIf you love aquatic animals, spend a day at Kelly Tarlton’s. You can explore the unique sea life of New Zealand by walking through an underwater glass tunnel, swimming with stingrays and sharks or observing your favorite species.
  • Go dolphin and whale watching. This activity is extremely popular, largely because the Hauraki Golf is one of the world’s best habitats for marine mammals. There are over 22 species of dolphins and whales in these waters, and visitors can experience them firsthand.
  • Take in the culture. One of the best reasons to come to Auckland is to experience its rich and vibrant culture. Get a taste of what makes this region tick by visiting the Auckland War Memorial Museum, Bodyscape, the Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki and the APE-X Jewellery Sculpture Studio. You can even take guided heritage walks in the area’s historic central suburbs.

    As you can imagine, these are only a few of the enjoyable activities available in Auckland, New Zealand. The area features a wide variety of attractions, so it’s easy to plan a vacation that will please everyone in your party.

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