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Yacht Transportation to the Caribbean

The islands of the Caribbean are undoubtedly the most popular cruising destination in the world, and this makes them an excellent yacht transportation location. This is particularly true of the Eastern Caribbean, an area which attracts a large number of cruising yachts.
The popularity of the Eastern Caribbean should come as no surprise. Its winter weather is mostly mild, its trade winds are reliable and its facilities are being continually-improved.

The Caribbean sailing season lasts from the end of November until June, by which time the prudent sailor should be on his or her way to a hurricane-free area. The weather during winter, particularly from Christmas until the end of April, is very good with steady easterly winds and not much rain. Usually winds are NE at the beginning of winter and become SE with the approach of summer. The hurricane season lasts from June through November, the most dangerous period being from the middle of August until the end of September.

The Caribbean is an excellent place to plan your next vacation, and DYT Yacht Transport would love to help. We provide reliable and hassle-free yacht transportation to the Caribbean. Pick a date during the months of November to June for beautiful weather and optimal sailing conditions.

Further reading: World Cruising Handbook by Jimmy Cornell Website:
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