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A message from DYT’s Managing Director

March 23, 2020

Dear DYT client,

The world has seen unprecedented actions these past weeks in preparing for the COVID-19 pandemic. Historic challenges are being presented and reacted too across all parts of everyday life. The stress and uncertainty for our families, business’s and future weighs heavily on all of us. At DYT we are dedicated to keeping our focus the same as it has for over 30 years by continuing to provide a safe and reliable service to our clients. We want to take this opportunity to keep you up to date and informed on the actions we are taking to deliver on our promise during these difficult times.

PRESENT SITUATION: Shipping is a vital part of the  world’s supply of goods, which is why all ports around the world remain operational during this pandemic. Our vessels, both the SUPER SERVANT 4 and YACHT EXPRESS are presently underway to their next port of call, per our schedule. There are special measures we are taking for the safety of our vessels, its crew and the yacht and the yachts’ riders where it pertains the care and safety of your yacht, was and will always be our top priority. The difficulties you are faced with to deliver your yacht or to collect your yacht at the port of destination has our attention and we are assisting with our first class agency network. We have company-wide protocols in place to address the ship and crew’s safety as well as daily updates to comply with national health associations guidelines from all the countries that we are active in.

WHAT WE ARE DOING TO ADDRESS YOUR NEEDS: Travel limitations, health concerns, cancelled charters are just a few of the many concerns you have expressed. We understand that the world is a different place right now and a certain degree of flexibility is required from all of us in this difficult, ever changing environment. In case you intend to change your shipping schedule, please contact us via your preferred DYT representative. We have temporarily implemented deviations to our cancellation and credit conditions in response to this crisis. We are still running our vessels, unlike other industries, which under these conditions were forced to stop their operations completely. At DYT, we will continue to remain transparent and keep you informed about any additional decisions or changes to this policy if they occur.

PROTECTING DYT’S FUTURE: There is a big difference in going home or leaving home. We are proud to be able to continue to get our clients home. Home could be in Europe, the USA or the Caribbean. Our clients are global. We recognize there will be a reduced number of yachts but we will continue to provide the ride home for those that need us. Without the financial help of those yachts and the partial payments of the yachts staying behind, we would have to suspend our service indefinitely and face the reality that the future of this great company that was created over 30 years ago may not recover. We are grateful to the continued support.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our entire DYT Team whom have been working around the clock to keep things running. Like you, I appreciate their continued efforts, integrity, transparency and availability to keep us moving in the right direction. We have made it through hard times before and we promise to get through this as well, with your help.

My personal thanks to you for your continued support. Let’s hope better times are on the horizon.

Richard Klabbers
Managing Director


COVID-19 Protocol

To keep both our crew and clients safe, we have put in place a protocol with precautionary measures for loading and discharging operations. Download DYT’s Covid-19 protocol here.




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