Things to Do in Genoa, Italy

Genoa, Italy, is a diverse and culturally rich city that attracts many travelers. It expertly blends the past with the present to give off a unique aura you won’t find many other places. Everything from the architecture to the food is a combination of historical influences and modern culture. In short, there’s a little something for everyone in this striking city.

When you visit Genoa, Italy, there will be no shortage of beautiful sights to see and fun things to do:

  • Genoa is home to stunning cathedrals and palaces such as Cattedrale di San Lorenzo and The Palazzo Ducale. The city also has a collection of old, beautiful churches such as San Donato and Chiesa del Gesu.
  • Be sure to take a tour through Casa della Famiglia Colombo, the famous explorer’s house. It’s a popular attraction for travelers and a source of great pride for residents.
  • The Aquariois a popular attraction that boasts an impressive variety of aquatic animal exhibits. It’s the second largest aquarium in Europe and receives millions of visitors every year. It’s actually built on a ship and located in the harbor, which gives it a unique feel not experienced in most other aquariums.
  • If you love the water you won’t want to miss visiting Lanterna, one of Genoa’s most famous landmarks. Its purpose is to guide sailors to shore, and it offers travelers a fantastic view of the port and bay.
  • On the day you need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can visit Piazza Campopisano and Vico Campopisano. These tranquil areas are both charming and relaxing, and travelers can easily spend a whole day enjoying them.
  • There is no shortage of historical and cultural influence in Genoa. You can choose from countless different history museums, art museums and historic sites, including Galleria di Palazzo Bianco, Museo di Sant'Agostino, Galleria Nazionale di Palazzo Spinolaand many others.

    A few other attractions and activities you don’t want to miss include:
  • Whale watching on Genoa’s beautiful seas
  • Walking through the scenic areas of Via Garibaldi and Via Balbi
  • Touring the Ancient Prison of Palazzo Ducale
  • Sampling the delicious food in the markets and in restaurants around the city
  • Attending one of the festivals that goes on during the months of June and July (the Historic Regatta, the Jazz festival, the lighting of the "Christ of the Depths")

    Don’t forget that when you travel to Genoa, Italy, you are also going to have your yacht with you. You can take a boating tour to get an entirely different feel for the city, and you can go out and enjoy the water whenever the mood strikes you.

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