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The Booming Business of Shipping Yachts ( - May 22, 2013)

Need To Ship Your Yacht? There's A Boat For That!
by Robert Frank, Inside Wealth Editor, CNBC

It's springtime, which means it's also time for the annual migration of yachts from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean.

And for yacht owners who don't want to bother with the time and hassle of an ocean crossing, there's an alternative: shipping the yacht by boat.

How to Cross an Ocean: Bringing Ranger Home ( - February 5, 2013)

An owner and cruiser assesses his options for crossing that one last ocean, and in the end, he decides to find a ride for his boat.

Yacht Delivery – Give Your Boat a Ride! (All At Sea/Caribbean Magazine - December 2012)

Cruising to the Caribbean either from the U.S. or Europe is certainly an adventure. Yet, an annual trek like this can take its toll on a yacht in areas such as engine hours, fuel costs, crew hire, and wear and tear. These are some of the reasons why owners and their skippers, such as Capt. Casey Fasciano, aboard the 1949-built and recently re-built 72ft Sparkman & Stephens yawl, Bolero, choose yacht delivery on a yacht transport ship.

Piggyback Yachting Catching A Big Ride Up The Pacific Coast

Have you ever wished you could spend a little time cruising in new territory with new sights, new challenges, and new fun? What’s stopping you? If the daunting prospect of ocean runs is holding you back, there is another option.

Dry Run (Supersail World - July, 2009)

Captain Tom Serio describes the experience of transporting a yacht on Dockwise's new float-off ship Yacht Express, wich already carried the Perini P2 and the racing yacht Rosebud over the Atlantic.

All Aboard the Yacht Express (Yachting - Feb 2009)

These days, Dockwise’s Yacht Express is faster, safer, and Cheaper than going it alone.

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