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DYT unveils first reveal of the Yacht Servant at the 2021 Monaco Yacht Show

September 2021 – Following the successful float out of DYT’S semi-submersible vessel – YACHT SERVANT – at Yantai CIMC Raffles Shipyard on China’s Shandong Peninsula, DYT Superyacht Transport is inviting visitors to this year’s Monaco Yacht Show to learn more about the highly anticipated new build vessel, located at stand AL34.

YACHT SERVANT is no ordinary vessel. The only purpose-built semi-submersible of her kind in the world, she stands at 213.70m in length with a 46m beam and a 4.6m draft. Tank tests have shown that the IMO Tier-III compliant vessel is 32% more fuel efficient than her predecessors. And her 6,380msq deck space – 30% larger than her sister ship – facilitates the transport of more vessels per crossing, including deep draft sailing yachts.

“There is a lot to say about YACHT SERVANT, but her size is a big factor because she has a much larger intake, which means she can carry more yachts,” says Richard Klabbers, Managing Director of DYT Yacht Transport. “But the main difference is that we can accommodate a greater load with much less draft, thanks to the vessel’s unique design.”

Whereas the current vessels in DYT’s semi-submersible fleet require operating water depths of around 14m, YACHT SERVANT only requires an operating water depth of 9m. “It means we can dock at ports with shallow water, such as in Italy and the Caribbean, and go to smaller islands around the world,” adds Klabbers. “But once completely submerged, we actually have more water depth to sail in than before, giving us the flexibility to load larger yachts.”

YACHT SERVANT is designed solely for the transportation of vessels, with a unique float-on, float-off system that is widely considered to be the safest and most efficient in the world. She also features a new specialised deck located behind the bridge built to accommodate tenders, containers and small race boats. There’s even a nifty mast rack and larger crew accommodation.

“It’s a much more thought out design,” says Klabbers, who highlights that during yachting’s low seasons YACHT SERVANT can accommodate three full-sized river cruise vessels, making it the most versatile semi-submersible vessel in the world.

Monaco Yacht Show 2021 Press Event

If you’d like to learn more about YACHT SERVANT and DYT, we look forward to welcoming you on stand AL34 at the 2021 Monaco Yacht Show. On Thursday the 23rd of September we will host a live press event at our stand. To comply with the Covid rules and to keep you and our team safe, we have planned three timeslots for you to attend.

Click here to choose one of the timeslots that suits you best.



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