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“Schedule your DYT TIME”  … this was to be our marketing message coming into 2020. This was something that we felt was true to our heritage in providing a service that was reliable, safe and “On Time”.

2020 had other plans for DYT and like the rest of the world we have done our best to be reactive to the global pandemic and continue to offer a reliable and safe service, albeit with some delays to our “DYT TIME”.

There have been some positive glimpses over the past weeks and months like borders opening and travel restrictions lightened.

DYT Yacht Transport realizes that for some, shipping their yacht is the last thing on their mind, and perhaps it should be. For others, it may be a way of repatriating to their home country. Whichever the reason, DYT remains committed to offering the same service that we started providing over 25 years ago. We are committed to running DYT TIME as best possible while facing the ever changing global situation.

If you are considering a return to travel, our DYT team is all here and ready to welcome you back.


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