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What’s in a name? More than a word by which something is known, the significance of a brand name is everything. When we changed ours from Dockwise Yacht Transport to DYT in 2013, we ensured that through the confusion of a name change one thing remained constant; our DYT Sailing Schedules.

We have always been relied upon to sail on time. Owners’ itineraries and captains’ watches are said to be set to our Sailing Schedules, which goes to show just how much of a mainstay they have always been. They are the foundation of our trusted reputation. We are proud to say that from our 1987 inception right up to the present day Covid-19 crises, our semi-submersible vessels have kept to schedule transporting yachts across the Seven Seas.

In March 2020, when most cruise ports and luxury marinas closed to foreign vessels, the majority of commercial seaports remained open. This meant that in addition to assisting yachts that are incapable of sailing to far-away destinations or reluctant to endure the wear and tear that crossing a vast ocean can have, we helped to relocate displaced yachts, provided safe passage to stranded crew, and helped owners get back to yachting.

Superyachts have come into their own during the coronavirus pandemic. Whether private or charter, they provide safe isolation in a private and comfortable setting. Because of this, the yachting community partnered with private aviation to create travel bubbles for those wanting to reach their boats. And DYT safely transported vessels to their required destination along with their crew. Now, as cruising grounds slowly reopen, both yachts and owners are well placed to enjoy the spoils of the summer cruising season.

Montenegro, Malta and Tunisia are among the top six European countries to have recorded the lowest number of active cases. Fiji announced its new VIP Blue Lanes protocol on 22 July, which allows international owners and charterers to access their super yachts via private jet and to cruise in Fijian waters during the quarantine period (without disembarking). Australia is inviting yachts that are currently within its borders to freely charter, and in the Maldives, the Seychelles, the Bahamas and across the United States, waters are open to tourism, albeit with some quarantine restrictions in place.

Transitioning out of lockdown will be a gradual process for all. It will require us to keep adapting and for companies to continually evolve. Little is taken for granted now, but for owners looking to spend time on board their yachts in a location of their choosing, we at DYT will keep working to make that happen. Much like our Sailing Schedules, you can count on it.


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