Yacht Shipping: International Yacht Transport Ports and Customs Information

Below are the yacht shipping guidelines for all international yacht transport ports. Once you’ve read them thoroughly, be sure to check out our international yacht transport destinations to see where you’d like to take your next yacht shipping adventure!

Voyage dates
Please check our web page for updates on our yacht shipping schedules. Our booking agents will also keep in touch by e-mail and telephone to inform you about the estimated day and time of your international yacht transport.

Customs agents
The customs agency at the arrival port will arrange all necessary clearances, port passes and other formalities required by law (a.o Homeland Security Act in USA). Please make your arrangements as early as possible to ensure that all clearances can be obtained. Without proper clearances in place, your yacht will not be able to ship or unload, resulting in fines or confiscation of the vessel by authorities.

Requests for riders are considered for yachts 90 feet or larger. Please contact your DYT Yacht Transport booking agent upon reservation to make the arrangements for any riders you wish to have on board. Non-US riders arriving in or passing through the United States of America are required to hold a valid B1/B2 Visa. Passports will be collected by the captain of the transport vessel upon loading. Without a B1/B2 Visa the rider will not be allowed to travel with the vessel. Make sure visas are organized in time for the yacht shipping.

Sign in
Yacht owners, their delegated contact persons, and any approved riders will meet with their DYT yacht shipping representative before unloading and after loading (either on the bridge or the crew office of the transport vessel - please follow signs). This meeting allows for yacht key exchange, documentation collection (original yacht documents will be collected) and other important formalities. Please provide picture ID.

In case you have additional questions regarding protocols or customs involved with yacht shipping, please feel free to contact our offices in Italy or the USA. Our qualified staff will assist you in every way possible to make sure your international yacht transport experience is a pleasant and interesting venture.

Thank you!