How to Make Yacht Transport Reservations

Before we can give you a quotation for your yacht or boat shipping and help you make a proper space reservation, we need you to take the following simple steps:

  • Print and fill out the inquiry sheet
  • Print and fill out one of the technical datasheets. Choose the correct datasheet by selecting the category of your yacht: sailing yacht / motor yacht / catamaran

Please be sure to complete all of the fields! The boat shipping information we are asking for is very important in helping us to make the correct yacht transportation reservation for you.

Please Note:
The overall length and beam measurements you give must include all extensions and additions in order for our technicians to build the proper customized support for your yacht.

The contact information (telephone, fax, cell phone and e-mail address) is essential in providing you with boat shipping updates and to coordinate loading and unloading dates and times

To facilitate your boat shipping, please also forward a copy of the yacht registry. Any one of the following documents is acceptable:

  • Registry
  • Bill of Sale for recently acquired yachts
  • Builder's Certificate for brand new vessels

Please fax or e-mail the inquiry sheet, the technical datasheet and a copy of your chosen yacht document to your DYT booking office.

We will respond with an "official quote" followed by the Booking Note (for you to sign and return) and, finally, the boat shipping invoice with wire instructions and due dates.

For your convenience a copy of the Terms & Conditions is available.