DYT Yacht Transport Supports the International SeaKeepers Society

DYT, the market leader in yacht transportation and yacht logistics has partnered with the International SeaKeepers Society. We have outfitted DYT's new super ship, the 685-foot (209 meter) Yacht Express, with the organization's innovative SeaKeeper 1000™ ocean and meteorological monitoring system. The SeaKeeper 1000™ is a fully automated unit that samples, measures, records and then transmits its data to various scientific and public communities across the globe. This ocean monitoring system is deployed in some 50 locations, plotting a broad and continuous picture of the critical measures of ocean health, such as salinity, temperature, oxygen and pollution. It is our aim to install the SeaKeeper 1000™ on all the vessels in our yacht transportation fleet. At the same time we want to make our clients and crew on board our vessels aware of the fragile environment within which they operate.

How Yacht Transportation Can Help Monitor Ocean Health
Healthy oceans modulate the world’s climate and provide food and economic sustenance for billions of people. They also present us with a myriad of opportunities for physical and spiritual renewal, while inspiring us with their beauty and their majesty. As we enter the 21st century, however, the oceans are imperiled. Vitally important fish species are on the verge of extinction. Beaches and coastal areas are polluted. Toxic algal blooms threaten seaside populations. The oceans are rapidly losing their capacity to buffer us from potentially catastrophic climate changes. By embracing the vision and mission of the International SeaKeepers Society, the yachting community and other entrepreneurs, corporations, divers, scientists and concerned citizens are playing a front-line role in saving the oceans.

The International SeaKeepers was founded in 1998 by a small group of yacht owners who were horrified by the deteriorating conditions of the seas. Their initial mission was to develop a compact, automated and cost-effective ocean and atmospheric monitoring system to install aboard their yachts. Their goal was to provide pertinent data on the health of the world’s oceans to interested and concerned scientists. The innovative SeaKeeper 1000™ ocean monitoring system has been successful thus far, and it is being used on many yachts, cruise ships, ferry boats, buoys and piers around the world.

DYT's vessel's regular routes will enable DYT to provide regular and ongoing readings of ocean conditions over time, which will offer better analysis opportunities compared to private yachts that are only in certain regions on different occasions. Those who typically use the Yacht Transportation and logistics service have the same sentiments as the original group of luxury yacht owners who founded the SeaKeepers Society in 1998 – they are concerned by the deteriorating health of the waters they have come to know and love. This is our chance to give back something to our clients and the marine environment.

You can learn more about DYT’s many nautical activities in yacht transportation by visiting our Latest News page.

For more information about the SeaKeepers Society, visit: www.seakeepers.org