Don’t Miss Out – Choose the South Pacific as Your Next Vacation Destination

Boat Delivery to the South Pacific

A voyage to the South Pacific figures into most sailors' long-term plans – let DYT be the reliable and hassle-free boat delivery transporter that helps make this plan a reality.

Because of the vastness of the Pacific Ocean and the great distances that separate most of its island groups, long and enjoyable passages are a common feature of cruises in the South Pacific. Need to get away from reality for a while? We encourage you to take your yacht on a relaxing trip through this beautiful area.

This dynamic region is under the influence of the southeast trade winds. They are stronger and more consistent during the winter months – from May to October – so the best sailing weather is between June and August. Start planning your next vacation with DYT Yacht Transport yacht delivery services. Our experienced staff provides exceptional boat delivery to the South Pacific – contact our booking offices today.

DYT provides the boat delivery expertise you need to get your vessel to the South Pacific for incredible voyages in some of the most beautiful waters on earth.

Further reading on international yacht delivery: World Cruising Handbook by Jimmy Cornell. Website:

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Explore our destinations in the South Pacific:

Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane 33°50'S 151°15'E

Brisbane is Australia's third-largest city. It’s located 460 mi/740 km north of Sydney, and it boasts beautiful attractions such as subtropical forests, diverse wildlife…

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland: 36°51'S 174°48'E

Situated in the southwest corner of the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is an ancient land imbued with myths and legends. Auckland is its largest…

Papeete, Tahiti

Papeete 17°32'S 149°35'W

Tahiti Nui, also known as French Polynesia, is made up of 118 fabulous coral and volcanic islands in five far-flung archipelagoes, each with their…