Summaries of The Gobal Superyacht Forum sessions

• Sander Schuurman
The Global Superyacht Forum (GSF) is the most established conference in the Superyacht calendar. This annual event saw over 550 of the superyacht industry's key players gathering in Amsterdam. It was a successful conference with powerful keynote sessions and intimate, closed-door workshop discussions. Several of the Sevenstar Yacht Transport team member joined the discussion and the evening social programme. Delivering new contacts and ideas to fuel our business going forward.

Based on previous experience in 2015 we are planning to leverage the GSF organisational knowledge on a more ongoing basis.

• Niels Klaassens

Standard information;
Date; 16 November 2015
Timeframe; 14.30 – 18.45
Location; RAI Amsterdam

Reason for visit; Attending focus groups and workshops
15.00 – 16.30 Duty of Care
17.00 – 18.30 Superyacht Valuations

Subject 1; Duty of Care
Discussion to create awareness about the responsibilities which come with travelling.

The world has been changed and people are exposed to more different locations and the temptation which come with that. As company we should be aware that it’s obligated to inform the person travelling on your request should be properly informed about all the risks which can come with it. For example, diseases, local habits, local laws and regulations, etc. Just a phone number which can be reached 24/7 is no longer sufficient, we should have a proper plan for evacuation, financial security, insurance, etc. this should be done on paper as well verbally.

Example International SOS foundation;
An English crew member of a yacht is flying from London to Port Everglades at the request of the captain of the yacht. After landing he hires a car and due to tiredness he falls back to automatic pilot and drives on the left side of the road. This causes an accident. Who to blame?

This question is impossible to answer, as we haven’t proof of the duty of care. The feeling would say the crew as he caused the accident, but on request of the captain.

Duty of care has been a subject which should change the behaviour of everyone involved. Really important to realize that we have don’t have any rules for sales people travelling. There should be a handbook which describes as much as possible, filling out BBS, behaviour in hotels, drinking alcohol.

The contract with rules we have made about 2 years ago for the loadmasters are correct.