Mega Yacht Transport: Vision & Mission

DYT, headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, specializes in the maritime transport of private luxury yachts. DYT offers enjoyable, hassle-free yacht transport services to some of the world’s most desirable cruising grounds. Our fleet of three dedicated yacht carriers utilize semi-submersible dock bays that allow yachts of any size to be safely floated on and off as cargo, making us the world's leading provider of yacht transportation on a regular liner service. In the Fall of 2007, we began operating a newly built, semi-submersible yacht carrier named Yacht Express.

Our goal is to help make your mega yacht transport as smooth and simple as possible, while offering you the unbeatable service you deserve. We are dedicated to continuously adding more of the marine transportation services that will benefit you as a yacht owner and captain. Please view our vision and mission below so that you can better understand our dedication to providing you with the best yacht transportation services available.

Over seventy percent of our planet is water, and most of that is seawater. This is indeed a wonderful fact for owners of oceangoing yachts. However, another fact is that the majority of yachts do not have the range to reach many of the world's inviting cruising areas and international playgrounds. That limitation has evaporated thanks to DYT, the premier provider of marine transport over the seven seas. In the early 90s, the concept of safely transporting yachts on board of semi-submersible heavy transport vessels was born. Today, DYT is not only the marine transport leader, but the only company that offers routes in line with the migration habits of both power and sailing yachts of all sizes. The expected future growth of the yachting community further enhances our aim to improve the quality of our service that is based on safety, regularity and reliability.

DYT provides marine transport liner services with our own fleet of semi-submersible yacht carriers. From marina to marina. Worldwide. Safety and reliability come first, aligned with a clear insight of what the client wants. Our organization is structured to continuously challenge this standard of marine transportation excellence.