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Yacht Transport: Meet the SUPER SERVANT 4

Our Super Servant vessel is converted into yacht carrier dedicated to yacht relocation around the world. Several modifications were made to these vessels, including the installation of dock-type sidewalls designed to safely accommodate large and small sailing and motor vessels during yacht relocation and transportation.

There is no safer, faster or more reliable way to ship your yacht than through DYT. Since 1987 we have dedicated ourselves to providing easy, hassle-free yacht relocation and transportation services for yacht owners around the world. View our map of yacht shipping destinations to choose the location of your next vacation today!

Below you will find the principal characteristics, speed, engine type, and classification for our Super Servant yacht carrier. It should be noted that in 1994 the Super Servant 4 was extended with an additional 30 m / 100 ft in order to anticipate the growth in the yachting industry.

The Super Servant 4

Principal characteristics SS4
Length o.a. 169.49 m.
Breadth 32.03 m.
Depth 8.50 m.
Max. draft submerged 14.50 m.
Gross tonnage 12,642 t.
Deadweight 17,600 t.
Deck space 32 x 146 m.
Service 14 kn.
Maximum 15 kn.
Compressed air 7,500 cu.m./hr.
Pumps 1,400 cu.m./hr.
Main engines
The Super Servant yacht carrier features 2 x 3,128 kW Stork-Werkspoor diesel engines type 6TM410 at 570 rpm driving two variable pitch propellers.Two bow thrusters of 500 kW each.


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