Float-On, Float-Off System

Our purpose built, semi-submersible carriers are designed solely for yacht and Superyacht transportation. Our unique float-on, float-off system is viewed as the safest and most efficient way to transport your yacht. A concept that all started in1987 with Dockwise Yacht transport, today DYT holds the unique position of being the safest yacht transport provider, transporting thousands of yachts across the Globe each year.

Customer testimonials

  • Graham Lloyd, Captain of M/Y Lionshare
    A great company and a huge shout out to Benedetta, who is just perfect to work with. I did once deviate from DYT and use a competitor which resulted in my boat being left in a different country and it taking a further 4 weeks to get to me. Never again. DYT will be my go-to for the future!
  • Russ Whitford , S/V Uproar
    Ana Santana really made this simple for us. She was prompt and helpful on all communications. We loaded Uproar in Tahiti and unloaded in Port Everglades. It was that simple. Thank you!
  • Neil Clifford, Captain of Alutia (Boreal 47)
    Sanne, The DYT agent that I corresponded with, was available to speak with all hours of the day and night, and truly went above and beyond to ensure that my vessel was cared for, from the moment it was floated on to their ship in New Zealand and finally offloaded in the Caribbean. Such a service offers peace of mind to the client, which is all-important when such an investment is being moved around the world and across the oceans.
  • Franco Lombardo, Captain of M/Y Hatteras 100
    The best option to move large ships, good market prices, punctual, precise in operations and with a first-class management and customer service staff. Special thanks to our agent Ana Santana in Fl, Benedetta Granello and Gabrielle Consiglieri in Italy and Susanne in Balearic Islands, the best team!


DYT Time is our dedication to the DYT Sailing schedule. Our specialized fleet of float-on, float-off yacht carriers allows us to set our own schedules, ensuring on-time departures and arrival of your yacht.

We deliver your yacht where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.


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