Float-on, Float-off, how does it work? - DYT Yacht Transport

Float-on, Float-off, how does it work?

Our semi-submersibles are exciting vessels. With a unique float-on/float-off loading method, they have an average transatlantic delivery time of 15 days while carrying yachts up to 165m (541ft), loaded in impressive numbers on the carrier’s dock. The vessel is submerged in a floating marina that allows for easy loading. The yacht carrier starts her dock operation when all yachts are moored in position.

The yachts are secured once the deck is dry and ready for a safe crossing. During yacht transportation, the yachts are safely stowed between the yacht carriers’ spray covers, protecting them from the elements.

When you contact DYT to book your yacht transport, our DYT team works together to provide a service that suits your needs. When the planned transport date arrives, you will have received comprehensive details about what you can expect from us and what we require from you.

Stow plans showing the on-deck position of each yacht are arranged well in advance. This allows the deck of our ship to be prepared with the required cradles, fixtures, and fittings before arrival at the designated harbor.

Upon arrival, the vessel is prepared for semi-submersion. Ballast tanks are flooded, so we are submerging the ship to the required depth in preparation for your yacht’s FLO/FLO loading. The specific amount of necessary ballast is carefully calculated based on the maximum yacht draft and cradle height, ensuring safe FLO/FLO loading of all yachts.

Once loading is complete, yachts will be instructed to switch off all engines and generators. The vessel’s stern door is closed before our DYT divers can safely enter the water and begin their checks. Divers check all cradles are ready to receive their respective yachts. Divers remain in the water as de-ballasting begins, ensuring cradles stay positioned as each yacht descends and is secured. Once the vessel deck is dry, our divers and loadmaster will check all cradles and dockings alongside crew and shore teams. These final safety checks are an essential part of the loading process and teamwork at DYT.

Upon arrival at the next destination, the ship is again submerged to allow our DYT loadmaster to oversee and direct the unloading of all yachts using the FLO/FLO system.

And off you go, broadening your horizons.