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YACHT Transport Tips for Riders Accompanying Their Vessel

Many people choose to accompany their vessels onboard our DYT carriers, and oftentimes there are questions that arise regarding trip details. As a convenience to our fantastic customers, we have compiled information about common yacht transport setup questions.

What to Expect Onboard a DYT Carrier


  • Fresh water is provided during boat transport, but restrictions could be enforced depending on consumption and tank levels.

Hoses and Hook-ups

  • Get hooked up early! As soon as the deck is dry, set up a ladder and start getting your supply and discharge hoses together. Please note: you are only allowed to board your yacht via ladder after your yacht is secured by the yacht carrier
  • Yachts are responsible for supplying their own hoses. The connections on board are 1½”, 2” or 2 ½”.
  • Bring lots of gray nylon hose fittings, especially 1.5” and 2” (will vary with yacht transport carrier size & type). Sometimes you can thread a fitting into a discharge (using duct tape like Teflon tape) and sometimes you pound a hose barb in. They have a variety of hose sizes but length is sometimes a problem so joining 2 or 3 together may be required.
  • Lots of clamps come in handy too. Larger is better. No cam locks or other quick disconnects are available.
  • Open a sea chest if possible so flooding the boat with a broken hose or connection cannot occur. This happens occasionally to some.


  • There are no plug-in connections so you must remove your cord ends. They cut your cord to fit, so a pigtail connection with bare ends would come in handy.

Keeping it Clean

  • Riders are responsible for washing the yacht they are on. DYT provides a pressure washer on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The main engine exhausts are all the way aft while the gens are on top of the house. We did not see the soot often reported during boat transport, but there is some smoky residue that collected on the smaller boats with no crew to wash down. Vessel’s crew washes boats without riders on a regular basis.
  • Be prepared to separate your trash.

Dress for the Weather

  • We left for Palma from FLL on June 1, and it was hot and humid in Florida. By the time we got to the other side the nights on board had gotten quite cool (60’s). A sweatshirt or a jacket can come in handy.

Miscellaneous Tips

  • They do have a satellite phone on the bridge available during the yacht transport for $1.70 per min. This fee is collected in cash before the ship docks. Get a receipt.
  • Nothing is allowed to be discharged on the deck of the yacht transport carrier.
  • The weather was great for the crossing and seas were calm. One to three feet was about the worst we saw with a long swell at times. However, the boat still got salty, so be prepared to wash down every other day.

DYT encourages each approved rider to carefully read the Rider Guidelines. Each rider must attend the orientation meeting on board the vessel prior to departure in order to familiarize themselves with safety protocols, procedures and ask any further questions before departure from port.

DYT works hard to make your boat transport experience as enjoyable and effortless as possible. We look forward to serving you! If you have any questions or require furtherassistance, please feel free to contact one of our helpful representatives today.


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