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East Coast USA

World Class cruising and fishing destinations on the eastern seaboard

The USA’s East Coast has a lot to offer the cruising sailor. The entire length, from the Florida Keys to Maine, is open for sailing. A cruise along this coast has the additional attraction of the Intracoastal Waterway, a unique system of canals, rivers, and estuaries that stretches along most of the eastern seaboard. This waterway offers you the opportunity to sail up or down the coast in sheltered waters that are almost within sight of the ocean. DYT Yacht Transport offers convenient, reliable, and hassle-free boat transport service to the USA’s East Coast, and we highly recommend you consider this lively area for your next vacation destination.

Florida is a perfect introduction to the United States. Some of its best-known attractions including Disneyworld, Cape Canaveral and the Space Center are found here. The waterways of this and other southern states wind their way through old cities, deserted estuaries and silent woods before they reach the largest bay in the USA – the Chesapeake. This impressive body of water has a shoreline that stretches for thousands of miles, and it is conveniently within striking distance of some of America’s largest cities and a variety of secluded anchorages and snug harbors. Boat transportation to Florida allows you to explore a variety of exciting adventures while you experience the American culture at its finest.

If you sail a couple of days up the coast, you will find New York at the confluence of the Hudson and East Rivers. New York is one of the few cities in the world where one can sail right through its center. It is also the gateway to the Great Lakes which can be easily reached by a system of canals and locks. If you aren’t interested in sailing the Great Lakes, you can carry on through Long Island Sound to the heart of New England where much of modern America’s history was made.

Finally, one reaches the island world of Maine where many summers are spent exploring the countless bays, rivers, and anchorages that stretch to the Canadian harbor.

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