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DYT SERVICE: Float-on/float-off

Our float on/float off service is yet another way that we ensure your yacht transportation experience will be enjoyable and hassle free. This unique service makes it easy to load your vessel on and off of our yacht carriers.

Some of the heavy transport vessels in our fleet have been modified to serve as yacht carriers for luxury global yacht transport. These semi-submersible yacht carriers include spray-covers that safely accommodate your yacht during transport. Between these spray-covers, yachts up to 165 meters (541 ft) long can be loaded in impressive numbers on the carrier’s dock.

Float On, Float Off Yacht Transportation

DYT is proud to utilize yacht carriers that can load and discharge using the convenient and safe float-on/float-off method. Below is a brief explanation of how this innovative process works.

After deck preparation, which includes the installation of keelblock cradles and supports to the deck of the yacht carrier, the vessel is submerged into a ‘floating marina’ that allows for easy loading. When all yachts are moored in their reserved position, the yacht carrier starts her dock operation.

Once the deck is dry, the yachts are secured to the deck and are ready for a safe crossing. During yacht transportation, the yachts are safely stowed between the yacht carriers’ spray-covers, protecting them from the elements.


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