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Yacht Delivery Service: Yacht Boarding Guidelines

For your safety, please read the following information completely and carefully!

Here at DYT we understand the importance of conveying safety information to our valued clients, and we want to make you aware of any possible hazards that could occur during our loading and unloading operations. Follow the yacht boarding guidelines below to ensure that your voyage is safe, enjoyable and injury-free.

Depending on where your loading and unloading destinations are, you may be required to board our yacht carrier via launch and rope ladder. Onboard our carrier you may be subjected to narrow walkways, steep ladders and gangways, which may pose challenges for people who are older or less athletic than others. Due to the many tripping hazards on deck, no flip flops or open-toe shoes are permitted.

We strongly suggest you limit the amount of luggage, provisions and miscellaneous items you may want to bring along. Large boxes and bulky items may create a hazard to you or our crew which might cause delay in operations.

We ask for your cooperation at all times. When you board one of our yacht carriers you are entering a commercial vessel environment in which the carrier and her personnel are working to load and discharge in the safest and quickest way possible.

Attention! Strictly prohibited and subject to heavy fines and/or arrest during yacht transport are:

  • Firearms, ammunitions or illegal drugs on board your yacht or our carrier.
  • Fresh or frozen foods, canned meats or plants of any kind on board your yacht or our carrier.
  • Polluting the environment with oil or oil residues, garbage, plastics and paint residues.

General information regarding yacht delivery service with DYT

  • No removal of waste from your yacht to our deck. Please dispose of all garbage and waste products prior to arrival on our yacht carrier.
  • Electric and water connections will be provided only if there is an approved rider onboard and only after welding of deck is completed (may take more than 12 hours, check with DYT crew).
  • Yacht carrier will not accept deliveries for yachts without any prior arrangement or during the period that yachts are afloat. All deliveries must be arranged by owner and must be clearly marked. Yacht carrier accepts no responsibilities for deliveries.
  • When yacht carrier is anchored offshore, limited launch service is provided; check for launch departure time with the local crew. Travel as light as possible. Boarding and disembarkation on a rope ladder may be required.
  • We strongly recommend you have at least 2 persons onboard during yacht transport loading.

Yacht Delivery Service: Loading Preparation
Fuel/water: Please deliver the yacht as light as possible. Please note:
– Inflamable liquids such as fuel stowed in jerrycans will not be allowed.
– Bilges should be empty and bilge pumps switched off.
– Sewage tanks should be empty and installation switched off.

Please have:
– At least 50 feet of lines on each side of your vessel, 2 on each side, front and back.
– A minimum of 2 fenders on each side of vessel, front and back.
– A minimum crew of 2 persons.

We recommend that you wrap your railings with foil for protection. Shrink-wrapping is an option, but we do not provide this service.

Yacht Delivery Service: Loading Process
a) Standby
Radio check with your yacht carrier and await instruction (for most locations the VHF is.
No berthing alongside yacht carrier without permission of DYT loading master.
Turn radar off.
Ensure fenders and lines are set and maintained at correct location and height.
Pay close attention to instructions from crew and master. Be prepared for line handling.

b) Loaded, water still on deck of yacht carrier
Stay on board your yacht until you are tied up.
Generators/main engines are to be switched off as soon as yacht is positioned and before divers are in the water.
No swimming
Meet DYT representative on board yacht carrier, bring yacht registry (or copy of Bill of Sale or Builder’s Certificate) and yacht keys, and if approved, rider with passport and visa.

c) Yacht carrier deck dry
While on board your yacht do not shift heavy weights.
Exit via deck only and always wait for secured ladder. Use of catwalks is not allowed.
Use extreme caution when walking and be aware of all possible tripping hazards.
Welding will be taking place. Do not look into welding/cutting flames.

d) Departure preparations
Ensure that all yacht equipment and loose items are properly sea-fastened.
Check departure time. All riders must be on board one hour before scheduled departure.
All visitors must leave the yacht carrier at least one hour before scheduled departure.

Yacht Delivery Service: Unloading After Transport
a) Arrival at port of discharge/unloading
Board yacht carrier.
Check yacht and notify the DYT loading master or representative if any damages occurred
Meet with DYT representative on board yacht carrier for releasing of your yacht.
Electrical power and water connections will be disconnected by the DYT crew.

b) Unloading operations
Stay on board your yacht and check radio frequency.
Switch off radar until the yacht is completely offloaded.
Do not shift heavy weights on board of your yacht.
Do not interfere with cutting/removal of sea fastenings without permission.
Ensure that all fenders are set at the correct location.
Pay close attention to DYT crew instructions for line handling.
Generators and enginesand engines are to remain off until you receive instructions from DYT loading master. Divers must be safely out of the water before either of these mechanisms can be turned on.

If you have any other questions regarding our yacht boarding guidelines and yacht delivery service process, contact one of our helpful representatives today!


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