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International Marine Organization (IMO) will implement the worldwide sulphur cap regulations per 1st of January 2020. We would like to take this opportunity to explain how we are taking the necessary steps to be compliant with these regulations and how it may affect you.

Our mission is to serve the global yachting community with safe, reliable, and on-time Superyacht transport with two semi-submersible vessels; the M/V Yacht Express and M/V Super Servant 4. It is important to us that we stay true to our mission and keep moving towards a durable future and minimize our environmental footprint. The reduction of emissions is a fundamental part of this.

To maintain compliance, two options are available to the operating vessel:
compliant fuels (Low Sulphur) or install exhaust gas cleaning systems, also known as scrubbers.

M/V YACHT Express:

We have opted to install a scrubber in 2020 as this proven technology not only removes the sulphur, but also a significant amount of black carbon and particulate matter from the exhaust gasses. As confirmed by independent studies, the emitted wash water is harmless to the environment. Until the scrubber is installed, we will sail on Low Sulphur fuel.

M/V Super Servant 4:

We have opted to utilize Low Sulphur Fuel.

The adoption of the scrubbers and use of Low Sulphur Fuel will equate to an overall increase in the cost of transportation to our clients. Trust that we take our part in finding the best solution for our clients to be of the utmost importance, while adhering to a green footprint, maintaining safety standards and observing cost efficiency. Please contact us for more information.

The Spiethoff Group (DYT Yacht Transport is part of this group) has prepared a short animation to assist in learning more about IMO-2020 regulations. You can view the video by clicking here.

For even more background information, please refer to the website of the Clean Shipping Alliance or consult the IMO website


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