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Tivat, Montenegro

Tivat 42°25’48″NB

Nestled along Montenegro’s picturesque Adriatic coast, Tivat boasts a magnetic allure reminiscent of the Balearic Islands. Its captivating shores entice travelers in search of premier transatlantic yacht transport destinations. Explore our sailing schedules to begin your next adventure!

Tivat is blessed by nature with abundant natural harbors, secluded coves, and charming anchorages. Whether inland or along the coast, there’s much to uncover—from its rich culture to the laid-back waterfront bars and restaurants that embody the Montenegrin way of life. Beyond sailing, indulge in activities like golf, tennis, diving, and horse riding.

As an exceptional yacht transport hub, Tivat showcases a blend of Gothic architecture, hidden beaches, and endless olive and orange orchards against a backdrop of hilltop villages.

Montenegro’s gem, Tivat, presents a captivating contrast between rugged coastlines and tranquil, flat expanses along its eastern shores, dotted with picturesque fishing villages like Lepetane and Donja Lastva.

With around 240 days of sunshine per year, Tivat enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate, reaching its peak in summer. Even in off-peak seasons, the weather remains pleasantly mild.

The capital city of Tivat offers a tapestry of cultural experiences, vibrant nightlife, and delectable dining options. Sail from Tivat and relish the companionship of dolphins as you explore the marinas and numerous beautiful bays of the Adriatic.

DYT Yacht Transport specializes in transatlantic voyages to Tivat, Montenegro—an ideal destination for those yearning to explore the enchanting islands of the Mediterranean.

For inquiries about our international yacht transport services, dive into the unique experience of transatlantic yacht transport with us today!

General Information Montenegro

Area: Total area of 13,812 sq km.
Population: Approximately 622,359.
Population density: 45.7 per sq km.
Capital: Podgorica.
Language: Montenegrin, Serbian, Bosnian, Albanian, and Croatian.
Religion: Predominantly Orthodox Christian.
Time: Central European Time (CET) / Central European Summer Time (CEST).
Electricity: 230 volts AC, 50Hz. European two-pin plugs.
Currency: Euro (€) = 100 cents.
Country Code: +382


Tivat enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and mild, humid winters. The coastal mountains shield the region from severe weather, resulting in varied precipitation levels across the area.

Expect significant rainfall from November to April, with little rain during other months. Summers are warm, with August being the hottest month, reaching up to 40°C.

The best times to visit are during April-June and September-October.


Porto Montenegro
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Website: www.portomontenegro.com

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Executive Director

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Porto Montenegro
Tivat 85320

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