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DYT Boat Delivery Service: The Loading Process

One of the most important steps in the yacht delivery process is the loading of your precious vessel. To help you better understand how this operation works, we have outlined the steps below and paired them with helpful pictures. In addition, the following is a brief summary of the process:

About one week before your actual loading date you will receive a formal loading notice by e-mail or fax from one of our yacht delivery booking offices. As soon as you arrive at the destination contact your DYT representative – who will be mentioned in the loading notice –to receive an update on the boat delivery schedule. On the date of loading, please have your VHF radio on stand-by on Channel 17 INT at least two hours prior to the loading time indicated by your DYT representative.

In preparation for the boat delivery service, each yacht owner should cover all fragile items, such as stainless and chrome fittings, and stow all loose items in a proper manner. It is preferred, if possible, that each sailing yacht takes down their furling jib/genoa and main sail(s). Due to high winds and the speed of the vessel, sails and sail covers can tear. Stainless steel can be protected with wax/Vaseline without rubbing it off. Please be advised that these are only suggestions from our boat delivery service, and more can be done to protect your yacht against saltwater and heavy weather throughout the yacht delivery.


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