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214M Yacht Servant – A technical perspective

Capt. Max Stepanov from DYT operations, shares his insights

The 214m Yacht Servant represents years of innovation and experience for the Spliethoff Group. Aside from its immense size, there are technical challenges and rewards on offer for this behemoth. Along with its 214m LOA, it has a beam of 46m and a 4.6m draft. Yacht Servant is reported to be IMO Tier-III compliant, with a 30% increase in deck space compared to its sister ship – Yacht Express. After its delivery at the Yantai CIMC Raffles Shipyard on China’s Shandong Peninsula and subsequent departure on its maiden voyage, SuperyachtNews speaks with Max Stepanov, Cargo Superintendent / Operations at DYT Superyacht Transport, for a technical perspective and insight into yacht transport and the idiosyncrasies of Yacht Servant.

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