Keel laying ceremony new Yacht Servant - DYT Yacht Transport

Keel laying ceremony new Yacht Servant

DYT Yacht Transport (member of the Spliethoff Group), together with CIMC Raffles Offshore in Yantai, hosted the Keel laying ceremony for the H485, a Y-Type semi-submersible vessel. The keel laying celebration marks a major milestone in the construction of DYT’s new Yacht Servant. ‘We are not only celebrating the laying of the keel, it also marks the start of a new era in yacht transportation’ says Laura Tempest, DYT’s General Manager. “This will be the largest semi-submersible vessel dedicated to transporting yachts built to date.”

The keel laying ceremony is an old maritime tradition to symbolize good luck wishes for the construction of the ship and throughout her life. During the coin ceremony, a commemorative coin, a Dollar coin and a Euro coin were placed under the keel to wish the vessel and her highly valued crew members good fortune and safe passage.

We are looking forward to the next milestone which will be the launch. Keep following our voyage in the realization of the next level in yacht transport.