Lloyd’s Register Officially Approves DYT’s Exceptional Standards - DYT Yacht Transport

Lloyd’s Register Officially Approves DYT’s Exceptional Standards

We take immense pride in unveiling our newly acquired certification for our transport cradles from Lloyd’s Register, a renowned marine classification society in the maritime sector. This accreditation not only reinforces our commitment to safety but also guarantees our clients that their precious yachts are entrusted to the most secure hands, ensuring a secure delivery to any global destination.

By obtaining this distinguished certification from Lloyd’s Register, we mark yet another significant milestone and cement our position as a global leader in the yacht transport sector. For our team of engineers and loadmasters at DYT, this recognition underscores their unwavering commitment to excellence and dedication to ensuring customer contentment.

Max Stepanov – Manager of Operations at DYT underscores our unwavering commitment to raising the bar for safety, quality, and reliability in yacht transportation:

As a team and a company, we are driven by the daily pursuit of these standards, propelling us forward. This certification from the esteemed Class Society, Lloyd’s Register, stands as a testament to our relentless efforts. It serves as a beacon of assurance for our clients. With our sea fastening arrangements receiving this distinguished certification, clients can be confident that our cradles and sea fastening devices adhere to the latest and most stringent rules for marine transport. The acknowledgment of our dedication through this certification greatly excites us, and we remain resolute in our dedication to continual improvement. At DYT, we embrace this achievement as a new milestone in our journey to provide certified solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations.”

Following a comprehensive evaluation, Lloyd’s confirms the certification with an official design appraisal document (DAD) for all DYT’s cradles and securing devices, used for the transportation of yachts and DYT will continue its cooperation with the world’s leading marine classification societies and other partners in the maritime transport industry to deliver great quality services to its clients. Now and in the future.

Rene Bakker – Lead Specialist Rotterdam Technical Support Office at Lloyd’s Register EMEA:
“DYT’s Yellow Stands and Sea Fastenings are used to transfer the loads from a yacht hull to the deck of a yacht transport ship. We are genuinely pleased to have contributed to DYT’s cradle certification and proud to stand as trusted advisors to our clients.”

Lloyd’s Register stands as a global professional service entity specializing in maritime industry engineering and technology. Rooted over 260 years ago, this pioneer marine classification society was established with the primary aim of enhancing ship safety. As a classification society, Lloyd’s Register occupies a crucial position in the safety network of marine and offshore sectors.

Already since 1987, started as Dockwise, DYT holds the unique position of being the most reliable yacht transport provider. Our purpose-built, semi-submersible vessels are designed solely for yacht and superyacht transport. The Float-on, float-off system is unique but more importantly, has been determined to be the safest and preferred method in yacht transport. We consistently raise the standard and push the boundaries in the market every day.