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Yacht Transport: Meet the Yacht Express

As the leaders in yacht transport since the 1980s, DYT is taking yacht delivery to an even higher level by introducing the world’s first specifically built yacht motor vessel – Yacht Express. This innovative and powerful carrier provides the fastest transatlantic yacht delivery available from Florida and the Mediterranean and features amenities designed for worldwide yacht transport such as:

  • Conference room
  • Media room
  • Atrium with lounge
  • Swimming pool
  • Fitness room
  • Laundry facilities
  • Complimentary cabins for ride-aboard crew
  • Additional facilities to make the voyage as productive and pleasant as possible.

This yacht transport vessel is the largest of its kind, and it has a variety of unique features that make it an effective, powerful and dynamic yacht carrier. Be sure to check out all of our destinations to see everywhere this one-of-a-kind carrier can take you.

Yacht Express: Design Features
Yacht Express is semi-submersible and offers our unique float-on/float-off loading method. It has an impressive length of 209 meters (685.7 ft) and a beam of 32.2 meters (106 ft). Your yacht is safely accommodated between spray covers in the dock bay, which measures at 165 meters (541 ft) long and 31 meters (102 ft) wide. With a deck space of 5,115 square meters (55,060 ft) DYT is able to transport more yachts in one voyage.

The ballasting and deballasting processes are carried out by four main ballast pumps, each with a capacity of 1,200 cu.m/h at 30 m head. The other pump systems include two fi-fi/general service pumps, each with a capacity of:

  • 100 cu.m/h at 80 m head or 210 cu.m/h at 30 m head
  • An emergency fire pump of 72 cu.m/h at 70 m head
  • A 200 cu.m/h ejector pump.

Cargo handling is facilitated by a 2 x 10 t crane with an outreach of 15 m.

Yacht Express: Propulsion Plant
Yacht Express has a propulsion and maneuvering plant consisting of two 8,700 kW Wärtsilä 12V38 B common rail diesel generator sets, each driving two Lips azimuth pulling thrusters featuring cp-propellers via two electric motors of 5,100 kW each. Maneuvering is enhanced by a single 1,640 kW bow thruster with cp-propeller. Auxiliary power is derived from two Wärtsilä 6L20 common rail diesel generator sets of 1,020 kW, and emergency power is supplied by a Volvo Penta D34A MS generator of 610 kW, 440 V, 60 Hz.

The spacious bridge on this impressive yacht transport carrier features an integrated bridge system consisting of a UniMACS 3000 containing two radar systems with ARPA and two ECDIS, one conning and platform management system, and an advanced DPT 3500 autopilot/joystick system.

The Sophistication of the Yacht Express
This sophisticated yacht delivery vessel is designed to have a service speed of 18 knots, meaning that a trans-Atlantic voyage from the Mediterranean to Florida/Caribbean with this ultra modern yacht carrier will be greatly reduced from 15 to 10 days! Owners can enjoy the advantage of extra riders on board to accompany the yacht during the voyage and they get to enjoy our state-of-the-art facilities. The addition of this new yacht carrier to our fleet implies an important step forward for DYT to improve the quality of services to clients that is based on safety, regularity and reliability.

Yacht Express: Launch completed
The launch of Yacht Express was a major milestone in the development of the yacht transport and delivery industry, and Dockwise was proud to be on the forefront of it. On January 15th, 2007, the Yacht Express was skidded from its construction berth ashore onto four connected floating submersible barges, a process which took 6 hours to complete. It had been under construction since September 2005.

On January 19th, 2007, the barges were submerged and the Yacht Express floated off at high tide and moored alongside the construction berth for further outfitting and commissioning. DYT took delivery of the vessel in October, 2007, and our newest yacht transport service on this large and powerful vessel commenced.

Principal characteristics of this new yacht transport carrier include:

Length o.a.:
209.00 m / 685.7 ft

Width o.a.:
32.20 m / 105.64 ft

8.50 m / 27.89 ft

5.80 m / 19.03 ft

Max. draft submerged:
14.00 m / 46 ft

Deck length:
165.00 m / 541.34 ft

Deck width:
31.00 m / 101.71 ft

11,000 t

Service speed:
18 knots


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