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M/V Yacht Servant

Meet the Yacht Servant

After years of preparation and innovation based on what we have learned over time, we delivered the purpose-built semi-submersible vessel YACHT SERVANT in January 2022.

The M/V Yacht Servant is the world’s largest purpose-built semi-submersible transport vessel. Designed in 2022 by DYT’s parent company, the Spliethoff Group, the Lloyd’s Register-classed Yacht Servant is the largest vessel in the DYT fleet, boasting a LOA of 214,17m meters, a breadth of 46 meters, a draught of 5,2 meters, and a deck space totaling 6.380 square meters. The addition of this new yacht carrier implies a significant step forward for DYT to improve the quality of services to clients that are based on safety,
regularity and reliability.

This semi-submersible new build also offers nearly double the capacity of earlier vessels in the DYT fleet. The vessel can carry deep-draught sailing yachts and access more remote destinations. With a lower deck height, ballast time and port time are significantly reduced, as submerging operations can be completed faster.

The vessel’s unique design focuses on creating the most efficient yacht carrier possible, utilizing our signature float-on, float-off method. A primary goal was to enable the floating of deep-draught yachts and other vessels in shallow waters. When submerged in water depths of only 13,5 meters, Yacht Servant can load yachts and vessels with a draught of up to 7,5 meters, a significant improvement over existing semi-submersible vessels.

Furthermore, the new build offers greater operational flexibility. Yacht Servant only requires an operating water depth of nine meters. Additionally, the vessel features a new specialized deck behind the bridge to accommodate tenders, containers, small race boats, tugs, barges, military vessels, and even non-floating cargo such as wind turbine blades, allowing the company to serve diverse clients.

The vessel can remain at sea for up to 60 days if necessary, and its optimized hull form enhances performance in adverse weather conditions, maintaining speed while minimizing motions and accelerations. Equipped with anchors and spud poles for station-keeping and mooring, the ship can fix itself into position during submerging operations at anchorages or in remote bays. This ensures that yachts and cargo can securely sail in and out of the vessel’s hold.


Yacht Servant Specifications

  • Length: 214,17 m
  • Deck Space: 6.380 sq. m
  • Gross Tonnage: 44.522
  • Net Tonnage: 13.356
  • Max Submerged Draft: 13,5 m
  • Max Speed:15,1 knots
  • Port of Registry: Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Amenities for the ride-aboard crew:

  • Conference room
  • Media room
  • Atrium with lounge
  • Swimming pool
  • Fitness room
  • Laundry facilities